Startup Films

I research, direct and produce short films that bring a startup’s story to life. The films can be used as a valuable vehicle for engaging with the media, investors and customers.


Struggling to attract media attention? A short film can help connect the dots and tie a story together, making it easier to market a concept or company. Frequently, compelling elements are over-looked without creative storytelling, a neatly-woven narrative, or an emphasis on the most compelling aspects – all of which make it easy for journalists, investors and others to immediately understand and take action.

Working together

My cameraman and I have combined experience of more than four decades covering news, current affairs and features for network television and radio. We approach each film as we do a network commission: researching the business and founders, conducting pre-interviews before we arrive on-site to ensure we elicit the best bits. We flesh out the story and include relevant trends, locations and other complementary footage to enhance each film.


Your talk is very inspirational. Through your talk and workshop, I realized I was focusing too much on a perfect product, extracting and looking at the facts or data. I never thought about how to tell a good story and the impact it can have! It was a great pleasure and very valuable listening to your talk.

Guoming Sun, Founder, Sunogel Inc.

It’s not often that you come across a combination of a talented journalist and a speaker like Amy.

Amy’s presentation covered the importance of storytelling and the relationship between start-ups and journalism. She presented three stories about unusual entrepreneurial successes from all over the world, and urged attendees to find their own unique story.’s crowd loved Amy’s presentation which was full of real-world journalism tips, presented in a no-nonsense way. I sincerely recommend Amy as a speaker to every conference program director!

Vladimir Vulic, Co-founder of Digitalizuj.Me and Program Director


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