I have worked in network news (television and radio) for more than twenty years. I regularly report for PBS Newshour and the BBC, among other major outlets. I also write about startups and ecosystems for Forbes. My work includes a wide range of formats, including long and short, as well as podcasts and documentaries (TV and radio). My work has been nominated fora Gracie award.

Media strategy

Combining my background as a journalist with my experience covering entrepreneurs; I help startups define their story and identify opportunities to work with the media. I do this through speaking engagements and workshops, as well as one-on-one consultation and the production of short films used to engage press, customers and investors.

I’m drawn to stories that demonstrate or reflect huge cultural shifts taking hold and the impact they have across various aspects of society, business, industry and the ways in which these changes affect people’s lives.

Food and travel are passions and I am Editor-at- Large of The Hotel Culture and a regular contributor to luxury lifestyle site, Lunch Mag, and other outlets.