Speaking engagements

Entrepreneurship Innovators’ Council, Berlin – September 2018
Workshop: Secrets of a Successful Story

Platform for Inclusive Finance: Finance for Refugees Conference, The Hague – September 2018
Screening of my documentary on refugee entrepreneurs and keynote about inclusive finance successes

Asian Leadership Conference, Seoul – May 2018
Blockchain for Business – Moderator

Hello Tomorrow Annual Summit, Paris – October 2017
Workshop: How to Find Your Story

Asian Leadership Conference, Seoul – May 2017
Strengthening Deep-Tech Ecosystems and the Role of Different Stakeholders – Moderator
Is Mars the Next Frontier? (The future of humanity beyond Earth) – Moderator

Spark.me Startup Summit Montenegro – May 2015
How to Find Your Story and Working With the Media

Speaking topics

Ecosystems: Having reported on established and emerging ecosystems around the world, I understand why some prosper and others struggle. My talks include the role of stakeholders, how local government can propel or stall growth and other vital elements of a strong ecosystem.

Emerging and developing markets: Through my reporting, I question perceptions and discovers whether and how they reflect reality. I look for indicators that determine a market’s potential. For example, Kenya’s ‘rising middle class’ only makes up 5% of the population, yet the popularity of Pizza Hut provides valuable insights about the mobility of Kenya’s working class.

Smart Cities: It takes more than LEED-certified buildings to make a SMART city. An example is how a once-sleepy city in Florida has managed to fetch billions in investment funds from Bill Gates to transform a dead downtown and fragmented suburbs into one that’s regularly featured in the press and “top” lists of places to live and start a business.

Women & Entrepreneurship: Though they face internal and external challenges, there are specific ways organisations can support women to overcome these obstacles. Women’s consumer spending power is set to overtake men, which is changing the dynamics for female founders. I share insights about how successful female entrepreneurs have broken through barriers.

Trends, societal shifts and geopolitical changes: It is through my in-depth interviews and observations in the field that I am able to identify shifts that lead to trends and opportunities. For example, a landmark lawsuit in Japan and an ageing population represent changing consumer demands and specific opportunities.

Media Strategy and Storytelling: I work with startups and other businesses to shape and define their story and identify opportunities to engage with the press.

Personalized medicine, health, nutrition and longevity: I have long been fascinated by the possibilities related to customising treatments, therapies and nutrition to the individual for greater impact and improved health and longevity.

Food-related startups: A devoted foodie, I actively follow developing food trends, such as non-dairy ice cream produced from avocados, plant-based edible packaging, or solutions for delivering alternative proteins.

Luxury, lifestyle and travel/hospitality trends: In addition to my work as a foreign correspondent, I am Editor-at-Large of The Hotel Culture, a site featuring reviews of luxury hotels. My work includes involvement in developing and managing the site’s editorial content, design, structure and mission


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