I create high impact podcasts and visual interview series’ with storytelling at the core, touching on relevant themes and topics woven through well-researched, compelling interviews. Utilising my skills as a producer, I manage all aspects of the process from concept creation to delivery, distribution and digital media marketing with the help of a small team that excels in each of these areas. I have experience working with large and small budgets and enjoy collaborating with clients to achieve agreed goals and targets. My background as a journalist means I am comfortable with a wide range of topics and enables me to identify experts who provoke thought, inspire and illuminate a subject.

Working together

I can work with your in-house team or agency to establish a strategy, including defining a target audience and determining the best format, frequency and length of a podcast or visual series. I’m happy to collaborate with an existing team or work independently to provide all of the necessary aspects of a podcast or visual series as detailed below. I work with a small team of freelancers with complementary skill sets who have each achieved measurable success and awards for their work.


Strategy – Define target audience and goals (thought leadership, brand identity, awareness and profile)

Creative – Develop ideas into a treatment, shape the format, determine format, frequency and length

Production – Manage team: host, producer, sound engineer or cameraman, editor, graphics, animation and music, produce visuals, topical episode ideas, identify guests and manage interviews, research and scripting, recording/filming in-studio or on location, oversee editing, produce teaser clips, manage editorial (transcripts and show notes).

Distribution + digital marketing – Identify appropriate platforms and distribute episodes, devise a digital marketing strategy campaign with agreed KPI’s to develop and grow audience through appropriate social media platforms. Manage social media engagement and deliver metric reports.


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