It’s not often that you come across a combination of a talented journalist and a speaker like AmyAmy’s presentation covered the importance of storytelling and the relationship between start-ups and journalism. She presented three stories about unusual entrepreneurial successes from all over the world, and urged attendees to find their own unique story. Spark.me crowd loved Amy’s presentation which was full of real-world journalism tips, presented in a no-nonsense way… I sincerely recommend Amy as a speaker to every conference program director!

Vladimir Vulic, Co-founder of Digitalizuj.Me and Spark.me Program Director


Workshops are also available by Skype. Please contact Amy to book a session or to find out more about a remote session.

Amy brings a great balance of expertise and an ability to engage an audience with her energy. She covered a lot of ground, was enlightening and inclusive. I was able to hone my skills in a new way that made me realise I had a lot still to learn. Amy used anecdotes to bring the subject matter to life and provided encouragement along the way. I always appreciate someone with enthusiasm and what I like most is to take away a nugget and apply it immediately to my work or situation, which I was able to do. I will look forward to any future sessions with Amy.

Judy Goldberg, Director, Learning & Development, Discovery Networks International