June 12, 2018

With optimistic news coming out of Singapore today about the relationship between the US and N. Korea, it seemed appropriate to reflect on recent travels. Last month, I did a deep-dive on Blockchain. This, in preparation to moderate a panel discussion of Blockchain for Business, hosted by Futureblock at the Asian Leadership Conference. While most years the conference dedicates a few sessions to regional security, it seemed like well more than a quarter of the conference featured fascinating insights by top analysts whose predictions have mostly been spot on in the run-up to this week’s meeting between the US and N. Korea. It made for a timely and well-informed (thank you, analysts) report I filed from there for Voice of America and though this was my third visit, I’d never been on a tour of the DMZ. This, too, felt serendipitous and was fun to write as a radio piece for the BBC’s From Our Own Correspondent.